The CAP Community Outreach Program provides many benefits to the community, as well as opportunities for volunteers to serve, such as:

  • Sexual addiction recovery
  • Break the Chains − Freedom Movement
  • Sponsoring abstinence in schools
  • Dangers of sexual addictions
  • Promoting healthy sexual activity
  • Providing marriage counseling
  • Supporting premarital guidance
  • Parent (children) sexual education
  • Youth/Parent mentoring program
  • Leadership Boot Camp
  • Born Again Christian Knights®(BACK)

Most CAP Community Outreach (CCO) Projects usually require a short-term commitment, contrasted with programs which require a much longer commitment, usually every 6 to 12 months for adults, parents and students. When time allows, college students, especially seminary, will have the chance to explore various volunteer opportunities and learn more about the non-profit community. The hope is that students who participate in this program will discover a volunteer project and/or program that they especially enjoy and that they will want to continue signing up and volunteering with the project or program throughout the semester/year.

CCO brings vital education and needed training to community, neighbors, church members, friends, and family, providing an overall positive change in our culture and society.

CAP Community Outreach (CCO) is the foundation for volunteers to get involved in community service on a regular basis, with projects to choose from almost daily. People can sign up for projects or programs offered through CAP or via a church or Christian organization. Those who do find a project or program they are called to and who want to take their service to another level should consider taking on the role as a team leader or community educator. Please note that all sexual offenders (Registered) are disallowed from participating as volunteers. A background check and drug test is required for all people prior to training, education, or service as a volunteer, mentor, or employee.  

We have the expertise to initiate a Community Outreach Project Plan or go through the selection process to help any church, organization, group, or individual start and maintain a successful Community Outreach Program.