Just as we are imperfect, God sent his son (John 3:16) as a perfect sacrifice for his children's imperfection. Regardless of race, age or gender, Christ has provided a path for all who will accept him as the savior, the messiah. Christ stated that people must be "Born Again" and lean not on their own understanding but give up control to receive mercy, love and forgiveness. 

Dreams are innocently established in our youth and for reasons unknown we think its all going to follow through as planned. Relationships and marriage are difficult enough and when bills, family, job and children are included it gets even more difficult. Life is not flawless, which is the reason why Christ came to mend, heal and strengthen marriages and relationships.

The world charms us with advertisements of power, riches, possessions and beauty. If we follow the wrong signs, it is easy to get distracted and sidetracked eventually leading to a dark and lonely place. When our eyes are focused on Christ, his light shines on us with such radiance that it is overwhelming and beyond our imagination to dream of a more perfect, loving father.

PRAYER REQUESTS - Everything by PRAYER and supplication let your requests be known to GOD - Philippians 4:6

FREEDOM STATEMENT - Allow GOD to BREAK the yoke from your neck and TEAR your shackles away. - Nahum 1:13