We are

A non-denominational family of dedicated, Christian believers serving the Lord Jesus Christ connecting with people showing his love, forgiveness and mercy!



Christ Against Pornography is a ministry dedicated in assisting (global) government organizations end sexual exploitation, abuse and molestation; teach sexual abstinence, provide education and Predation awareness; bring hope and support to victims of sexual crimes through recovery and help people break the chains of pornography and sexual addiction to experience a new life in Christ.



  • Impart a Belief of Trust with people in pain suffering from shame, condemnation and judgement.
  • Teach sexual abstinence, provide education and predation awareness for parents, teenagers, clergy, affiliations and faith-based organizations nationally and globally.
  • Help people understand the real tragedies caused by sex addictions.
  • Educate minsters and clergy how to approach and to provide avenues to help with sexual issues in their churches.
  • Provide a faith-based life changing program for all who want to break free from pornography and sexual addictions.
  • Equip spouses, family, and friends with knowledge and understanding of sexual addiction to promote patience and support for friends and family through the recovery process.
  • Assist and support organizations in bringing an end to sexual exploitation, abuse and molestation.
  • Bring hope and support to victims of sexual crimes through recovery.
  • Provide churches with a mentor-training program and aid in appointing a (female and male) coordinator.
  • Offer a training program for parents on how to be Christian leaders in the home and to be aware of the sexual pressures and avenues that kids face daily in this world.
  • Break ground on a facility to provide very specialized training for volunteers, employees, clergy, parents and individuals.
  • Obtain financial support for scholarship programs benefitting individuals and families.