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“I wish that I would have never started watching porn and masturbating when I was in high school!”

– Anonymous

The day I entered junior high school, my world started to change radically. Over two months at the age of twelve, I was bullied and pressured to smoke cigarettes and look at porn on the Internet. When bullied or picked on, most boys don’t tell their parents; I should have, but I was afraid of not having any friends, getting in trouble, being bullied even more, and being alone. In junior high, my friends changed, and it was all about trying to prove ourselves. I wanted to be popular, "basic," which, to be cool, was drinking, smoking, cussing, and girls (porn). However, it was the pornography that became a problem!

The porn began as something I would do when parents or teachers weren’t looking. My friends had computers and we looked at porn in their rooms. We had access to any type of porn on the Internet, as well as videos that someone would bring to a sleepover. The porn increased to viewing pornography and masturbation in high school. Even though it is considered a minor habit, I justified the act because I was single. I thought, No harm done because I am not married and no one knows what is done in secret, right? So it continued as often as I wanted to satisfy my teenage desire for girls.

After high school graduation, I married young at the age of twenty. The pornography continued but very sporadically, again based on need or when the urge was too great. Sometimes I would go weeks and months without looking at porn. I noticed that my need for porn had greatly reduced, and I praised myself for a false accomplishment. What I didn’t notice is that at the times when I was looking at porn, my stress level was low. So the porn addiction became a pain killer or stress reliever without my even realizing it was a problem. And my new wife had no knowledge of what I was doing behind closed doors. I was getting better at keeping what is now my dependency a secret.

As four years passed, the pornography strained my marriage financially because I was purchasing porn on the Internet. It caused anger with myself and verbally I took it out on my wife. Feeling worthless, I had problems keeping friends, and it damaged the bond with my wife. It became easier to look at porn and masturbate then to have a close, intimate relationship. My wife ia a good person and great mother. God has blessed me with a good family that I don't deserve.

Those four years prior to stopping porn, it caused tragic problems with my wife that came very close to a divorce, and I almost lost her. Porn almost cost me the loss of my best friend, my wife, and the baby girl whom I can’t wait to hold every evening and weekend.

There is so much more to LIVE for, like loving your (future) wife and the love and life of a son and daughter. Be the example you need to be for your future family by becoming the man you need to be for The Lord! 

- Anonymous

Having problems with PORN? Do you want to STOP? Do you want to be the MAN God has called you to be? 

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Let Jesus Christ be the leader of your life. He is waiting for you; please trust and give him a chance to show you! >>> Don’t let porn and sexual dependency ruin your life!

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