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Should I feel guilty about looking at porn?: A poll was taken online by The Escapist of 1,079 respondents:

Should I?

Yes                                                            [10.9% (119)]

No                                                            [88.3% (960)]

  • Poll: Posted threads

> No, EVERYONE looks at porn, no need to feel guilty.

> Everyone watches porn, or at the very least masturbates. Its natural; no need to feel bad about it unless it’s raised your expectations so high you can’t carry on a normal relationship.

> Of course it’s natural ... what are you looking at?

> If you feel it’s wrong, then yes. If you don’t, then what are you worried about?

> I don’t think you should feel guilty about looking at it if it is something that you like to do.

> I think the reason people delete their history is to avoid potentially awkward conversations with others who use the computer.

> Repent sinner, for you are EVIL!  ...That, or masturbate. Either works.

> No, nothing a human does is unnatural, they may be shunned but its human nature to seek pleasure, whatever it may be.

– The Escapist, Should I feel guilty about looking at Porn? May 27, 2010 [26]

“All men look at porn. … The handful of men who claim they don’t look at porn are liars or castrates.” That’s what Dan Savage, a Seattle-based sex columnist, wrote a few years ago in response to a reader who was fretting about her boyfriend’s affinity for erotica. By this point, his argument seems like a trope: All red-blooded men have watched porn. It’s just part of life. Get used to it.

– The Atlantic, March 6, 2014 [27]


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